My name is Adam deGrandis, and I'm an artist who loves making video games.

Over the ten years of my professional life, I’ve worked as everything from a graphic designer to grunt production artist to teacher to art director; I’m entirely comfortable performing any and every artistic role of game development. Do you need a clear communicator to help you visualize an aesthetic and track subcontractors over the course of a project? Or maybe just a few quick assets to help you meet a fast-approaching deadline? Whatever the case, my goal is that you walk away utterly impressed with the quality of the art, the timeliness in which it was done, and the experience of working with me. Art and games are my passions; sharing them with others is what drives me.

“I have been in the gaming industry now for two and a half decades. Never before have I worked with a more skilled, prepared artist. Whether it be animation, modeling, texturing, illustration, design, etc, Adam does it all. His eye for detail is exceptional, as is his knowledge of gaming and game design.”

- Mark Brenneman, Playdom